Bringing Everybody Back to Work

May 19, 2020 Dental Whale Season 1 Episode 13
Bringing Everybody Back to Work
Bringing Everybody Back to Work
May 19, 2020 Season 1 Episode 13
Dental Whale

About 25% of dental practices are reopening every week. Operating within the dynamics of regulations, guidelines, and safety protocols of the pandemic is a slow process towards ‘normal’. There will be some give and take in bringing everybody back to work. CEDR CEO Paul Edwards shares his HR strategy for preparing teams for the patients that will come in, updating employee handbooks, communicating new policies and procedures, and managing the emotional and logistical challenges we’re facing.

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About 25% of dental practices are reopening every week. Operating within the dynamics of regulations, guidelines, and safety protocols of the pandemic is a slow process towards ‘normal’. There will be some give and take in bringing everybody back to work. CEDR CEO Paul Edwards shares his HR strategy for preparing teams for the patients that will come in, updating employee handbooks, communicating new policies and procedures, and managing the emotional and logistical challenges we’re facing.

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All right. Dr. Tim McNamara. Here I am here with the guest who was helping us through this one. That's all. Hit and ah, CEO and founder of Cedar HR Solutions. Paul Edwards. How are you doing, my man?

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I'm doing good, Tim. Thanks for having me on again. Looking forward to that, bringing everybody back to work.

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Just absolutely crazy. So right before this started, I was just telling you that I had just finally left for the house. Really? Just as a family. I've been doing the errands and my wife have been staying and I was a sacrificial lamb. But we have just finally got out of the house and kind of still did our own thing without without being around other people. But, man, this has just been the wildest two months of my life. I'm sure it's for everyone else. And and now we're starting to talk about demo practices opening back up, and hopefully some return to normalcy. So I am excited. As I know you probably are, too. So how are you holding up on your in with all of the chaos?

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Well, you know, I think we talked about this before. We actually finally had an HR emergency on. Do you guys are all going through that? Now we're kind of going through the back end of it. So how it is for us is busy again. We did a webinar with our members, which we're going to share a bunch. That information we get with the also members today. I'm doing a webinar with our members A few days ago when we pulled him and asked when they thought they were gonna be opening and And so it's about 25% of our members said they were opening each of the coming weeks with, unfortunately, about 25% of the whole group knowing they had to wait until gin. So, you know, everybody's calling for their own boarding letters and for in a direction what to do because all the little different nuances or starting pop up this people want to bring, try and bring their their employees back on up in the practice back.

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Yeah, 1000%. So let's sent. Let's set the again If you this your first time watching Paul and I let me set the stage a little bit about who I am. I'm a dentist. I own multiple practices, have consulted other dentists and even came from outside the industry and now have in the industry. So I'm a business owner at the end of the day, right? And a dental dentist alongside up. So I own some practices and we are getting ready to open next Monday. So Okay, so I'm but we're gonna use me is the example here because I have done and I'm probably very similar to a lot of people watching us. I laid most of my team off using a layoff letter that that CDR had provided. Um that has been kind of, in effect, some of them we brought back in at a lower rate and less hours. But now we're getting ready to go full board again. So talk to me and I've received my BPB. Okay, so that's OK. Just received it. So that's me. Or let's use this scenario as I've received the funds as of today, actually, I need to bring my employees back because we're opening the offices on Monday. Okay, Doctor me with this example, and then let's create another avatar of someone who might be going through something different and hopefully we impact or reach most of the people

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watching. Well, I have. Ah, we've created a 11 step process that we're taking our members. You were just talking about all of the different little nuances that you you're gonna have to go through. Tim Aziz. We kind of moved through the Corona virus pandemic, and it's important everybody who's listening to remember, regardless of what we're doing right now, this pandemic is ongoing. And I think you do yourself a disservice and even maybe even your employees, if you think just because a mayor or a governor or somebody says you can open up that the pandemic isn't there, so it's gonna be there. And I believe those who recognize this and learn how to operate within that dynamic are going to be the ones that come out on the other side because there is no force of will in this. There is no political position that will change what's going on. We are dealing with science right now, and in some cases were starting to run some experiments, and I think we're gonna find some stuff out. So we've got businesses who shut down or that they moved. Limited hours. Most. Most of you guys shut down. Andi, you gotta make, uh, opening back up. Plans for moving back up to normal gonna make those plans. But I don't know how long it's gonna be before things get back to being truly normal. So, you know, when you think about you may have a full workload for all employees. Do the limit. You know, you have a full workload, you may have a limited workload. Um, you know, depending on where you are, I mean, honest, if you're in rural eastern North Carolina, where my mom is very few cases there. I've been checking his mom's in a radio, you know, just kind of checking on. Your parents were all Oakland through that. I believe the dentist they're gonna open up. They're probably not gonna have big face shields on, You know, it won't. They don't sound like Darth Vader when you walk. I think that if you're in the North West, best of the north, you're probably patients will be walking into a different circumstance there. So again, I think normal is gonna be normal for where you are based underneath the conditions your employees are gonna have their own limitations. They're gonna have their own healthcare limitations. They're gonna have their own concerns. They're gonna have a little bit of trouble with availability when it comes to childcare. Andi And there's some other related issues that we're starting to see kind of pop up. And, um, I know you've been told you could just exclude yourself from some of these things and having it gonna work with it. But, you know, the first thing I want to bring up 10 is if you're in a community where there's no real child care right now and you have four employees that can't get childcare and your thought is, well, I don't have to put up with that I can exclude myself from that rule. Well, then, what you gonna do about the other people in your community who wants to have Children? I mean, you're what you're gonna have to do is try to hire people without kids, and guess what? That's not That's not OK. That's not legal. And that could get you in a lot of trouble. So there's gonna have to be Cem given take, and I want to tell everybody Tim, we have We have seen some people who it appears of just trying to take advantage. There've been a few employees out there, and, you know, it really sticks in the old crop when that happens. But for the most part, we've seen up. Mom's wanting to use the F M l a. The added that little added benefit, but they use it intermittently. So they show up thinking, Look, right now, I can only work two days a week because I've got no health care. But I got somebody else. You could take the kids for three the following week. I could work three days. I've got it covered. And then in 2.5 weeks, it looks like our camps not up in our day care is gonna open. Or I might feel, you know, some other solution is coming. So when I say working with, that's what I mean to

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Yeah, it's fantastic. So now we're even. I first got together. I think this is the third time we've been together, and those what we covered in those 1st 2 is not relevant now unless you just woke up and found out endemic capping, which they start They're just assuming that you have been, you know, living and breathing for the last few months. One of the things we talked about that is still very relevant. And then this is something I said to you. But really, I said it to business owners everywhere Is that when change happens in any environment when change happens And right now the changes dependent rabbits of major change. But any time we give anyone on our team something different meaning we're gonna lay off, you created change in their life. And when they're that change happens, they then now re about you. Wait everything. So where am I going with this? Once we introduced changes a CEO, we should expect things to come back different. It's not a one way communication thing. Here is a two way. So what we set during those first couple of webinars was prepared for that office manager that that hygienist who never did you thought was with you for the last six years. You may get a call and they may say, Listen, I've decided I don't want to do this. I've decided I want to do something different. I've decided I love being with my kids at home schooling them. I would rather only do one day a week. Now, do you have something like there's gonna be a tremendous amount of change in terms of our staff and our labor, and we're gonna match that. So, first up, dense business owners, my advice to you is get calm and cool and collected and expect some change to happen and be the leader through. That changed me. Take the data in. Don't react. Don't think it's personal thing, though it has nothing to do with you. It has to do it just the fact that change is happening. The second thing that I would say there is start to recognize and model out even what you return to normalcy looks like in terms of revenue and matched your labor to that. Ready. So if you return it 40% because you're in the Northwest, make sure that your 40% skeleton team understands what their roles are in that if you think you're gonna return to 80% because you're in you said Southeast North Carolina. You you have a skeleton crew that is not 100%. It's 80% match that expense line item to that revenue, and you're gonna be in a really good spot. As a business owner. I kind of just went off there, Paul, but no, But everyone here, CEO, there's gonna be a lot of change happening over the next 90 to 180 days.

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Yeah, I Well, I could jump way ahead on that, too. But what we've been saying is, do your best to guess how many you need to bring back, regardless of anything else that's going on regardless of your triple B. If that's if that's the case for you. Decide how many people you think you're needing and then add one more, just in case your capacity is a little bit more than you think you could always if you had to late went off. And you do that by getting your top two people in and start making phone calls, patients and asking what they want. If I were to open next Thursday, could you have an appointment with me now before that? There's other things in here that we're gonna talk about, which were, you know, we talked about in a couple of logs that we've done is preparing your patients to come in. I think I might have shared with you in a previous one On a dark one of the doctors call me and just talking about how I need to be on time. They had expanded their hours. They would be seeing half as many patients. There would be 10 minutes before me and after me, I would not be stopping in the waiting room. I'm going straight back. You'll notice that all the doors are propped up that, you know, she was just like you're not paying here, not feeling any paperwork out that basically don't touch anything on your year. I will talk to you, and I need you to get out because it's persons coming in. That's something you got to talk to your base. It's about maybe, maybe not. There's terms tell you, make your, uh, gentle that up a little bit, but, uh, yeah, yeah,

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yeah, it's tremendous. There's tremendous amount of activity that's gonna happen inside the the new way and excited. So when there's a lot of variability toe what the future might look like, I'm gonna be leaning on people like yourself again. I speak for all the people watching, right? I am. I am not practices. This is exactly what I'm doing. So I'm calling you and I'm leaning on you. I need really sound advice and maybe even more so. I want documentation that I can digest and then distribute and know it unprotected. Can you talk to me about it? In resource is that you have, Even though I know what they are, we need to tell them, right, because I'm using that right now. They need to be able to use that stuff.

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Yeah, yeah, they need to be able to start using it. So we created to specific letters. They're very close to one another. One of them is One is for if you followed your employees, bring back they want is for if you Leijer employees offer in effect, If you did a layoff, it's kind of a little many termination. And there's a few hoops that you have to jump through. And I'll explain those a little bit later on where there's also a notice that you're supposed to give your employs. And if you think about it, you can print this notice and put it on the wall. But for a time here, you may not have all your employees and even see that poster on the wall, so I need to do that as well. We've provided it. And we've also provided a check list that you would take and modify for your employees because I think it's super important to be able to have a record that not only did you offer your employees a job back, you were transparent and actually working with them in order to make the practice super safe. So you let them. Now we're Yeah, we're gonna be doing the thing where they they stay in the car and the Texas and the doors a lot. You know, you communicating that to people's gonna help him. There's one other thing him that that were saying a lot to our doctors like it's like we're lining a light bulb out for him when they're talking to their employees. Where else would you work? That would be safer. That a dental practice. It's not an emergency room. It's not an urgent care centre. It's no one's taking my temperature. When I go anywhere, right? No one's taking my temperature when I goto go to the grocery store or when I go through Home Depot. But we're literally going to be taking patients temperatures and asking them what they've been doing before they show up. And so I think it's a helpful thing, because unless they're gonna go customer support, you know, on a phone somewhere working for Geico, Um, I mean, where would be a safer place to work?

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No, it's a great It's a fantastic point and this goes back to what I believe I have not experienced this yet, but I'm involved with enough dentist to know that this is happening. Sometimes the choice to return is being presented or not to return in this days is being presented as because I'm a little bit nervous about my workplace safety. So what we need to do as business owners is make sure that there is no concern there. Here is the status the, you know, five things I've done, you know, upgraded PPE, upgraded patient flow through the office. Make sure that I've been communicative. Make sure I had documents that have distributed to everyone understands the new flow in the new wet. If you've gone beyond that and you're still getting pushback on return to work. One is their personal choice, right? That that's just what it is, what it is. Don't waste energy on trying to figure that out, respect that choice and be available to kind of pivot on that. But when I'm really getting at is that do what you could do? Use your energy on making sure that you cross those boxes off and then move on and make big decisions on your business on how you're going. They're going to replace the person who decides they don't want to come back. Or, um, you brought up child care, which is very complex. It's a tricky one here because I've been saying this my own my own wife here. I say It's interesting that the state is opening back up before you know a certain date, but they've already canceled schools for the rest of the year, like what is that going to do? So the workforce, like everyone's going back and then they're gonna go. I can't come back because I've got three kids that used to go to school, and now they don't know what you want. Todo right that is gonna be fascinating to watch that unravel. Um, but these last Yeah,

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Yeah. I mean, you can't fight. I'm in. You know, you can't fly your family and you don't want to put them on a plane right now. But I used to be like, Hey, I need help. And they be like, Sure, I'll come in and ruin your kids for you for a couple of weeks and help you out. But you know that there's a lot of there's not a lot of choices right now, which I hope everybody is listening. I know you understand that intellectually way Have to figure out how to kind of bumble through this. I hope for the next two or three weeks, until things start to kind of play out, stuff starts to open. I do know that they're going to try and get daycares open. I see that across the states. That doesn't take care of you blowing your 13 year old.

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Yeah, So you know, for me, I'm a visual guy, right? So I'm gonna stop because I want what I want this to become is not is remembered watching this. I just want you to be able to walk away with step by step, right? And I'm gonna be sharing what I'm doing. Right or wrong. Here's what I'm doing. And I'd like for you to be guiding through from an HR perspective how you can protect, you know, idiot dentists like myself from from our steps. Don't. When it went again already kind of set the avatar of who I am. You know, I've got the people alone. A lot of people don't have that loan you. But all that means is that, uh, well, I mean, that is a lot of things, but one There's cash flow there. So just recognized Castro. And I can put that up here somewhere. But assuming you've received it, let's go through these steps and step one is you know, it's time to reopen. I don't know if you guys can see that I'm using purple today to make it really hard in your eyes. Step one is time to reopen. And my decision tree went like this. I said one. I mild out. Just put modeling for me. I modeled out What doesn't 80% return look like versus a 40% return. And who is my skeleton crew of 40% versus 80%. Right then I took that from oddly and I said, kept in touch with my staff, but I meant to put communicated with it with the K. I don't know why, but I communicated plan at a high level. And from that I would expect the communication to come back. Hey, Doc, I don't know if I really want to return, because now I'm staying light on my toes knowing I'm creating this sort of activity to happen before the door is actually open. I'm going. I'm watching you doing that

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So TEM from and again. So I'm a business guy too, with 40 some employees, all the same concerns going on. All my people are working from it. That's the difference is I actually can work nonetheless, the world perfect. And if you will give the world a little bit of a chance to help you I know it doesn't feel perfect right now, but if you give it a little bit of a chance like Tim just said and just query everybody, you may find that four of your 16 are really saying I'm not coming back. And that is awesome information. Have it. You can completely change what? What you're thinking. And if you have Trouble V and it just informs one other piece of that one other piece of that because if you know really that for coming back and you've got a man, then in the back of your head is I have to start hiring. I have toe to put some bodies in here, and that would be helpful.

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So that's exactly where it's gonna go in this one. I'm not doing this because I'm scared that that you know, whomever my hygienist is going to say, I don't. I want to get a divorce, own every government. I'm not doing that because I'm nervous of that conversation. I'm doing that because I didn't know my model it I got back my modeling, and so I think I'm gonna return to 80% which means I need six people there in these different roles. Do you just only do not coming back? So what did I do? And this is actually happening. I went and put a bunch of job. Now I did this. I assume Kobe it. I put job ads out for hygienist office managers all these things because I was singing a little bit differently. Like I'm not. I'm not hitting the brake right now. I'm putting my foot down and we're gonna go recruit the best devil team ever assembled. Yeah. Now, if you didn't do that, this is where it happens. Communicated? Forget your model. What do you need to put the job at out? Because what you're gonna find is that some dentist also have created change for other people. Right? And they decided I don't want to work with Dr J anymore. I'm kind of on the free market now. They may come work for you, and you might find that your team is better in the long. Okay, I'm going to going off from business process. But I want to add some HR to this because that's that's where you're gonna really be able to hit a home. Run here for watching. What do I need to be doing in here to protect myself legally? Or is there anything yet? And I need to be doing

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well? We do. We talked about it in that community in that communicating you. You sent out to your employees and said, We're thinking about this eight. Where you guys hands at. And by the way, uh, here's all the things all the new things were going to be doing as we reopened in order, make place safe for us in the patients. And you've just done some HR right there, right? As soon as you. Soon as you distributed that list of them and you inform them that you're ready to get go wing, you started your HR process.

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Yep, Exactly.

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I got a job and that you that you want to hear back and, uh, address the safety concerns.

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That's great. Can I get access? Can we get access to a template that you may have a rehire? Better.

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Yes. So the next step would be for the people who answer back and say Yeah, but I am a little worried. Doctor said, Well, look, let me But let me Let me just get you going. Lets get you guys back on. And we have the two different versions of the rehired letter, whether you followed him or whether or not you laid him off and you send him the letter.

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Great. Okay. So where can I find that?

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You're gonna find it inside of our HR, vote so 10. And we're gonna give everybody lifetime use of the HR ball. Now. I'm be honest. You can add lots of things on the HR vault, like hip to training in time, keeping a PTO tracking. And so what we did is we got together is a company. And we said, you know, we've got this software, and it would really help people. And it would probably say this all the conversations and a lot of Arctic out there. The community if we pre loaded the things that they can't really hurt themselves with and make him customizable, So it made it all. Everything in there is customizable. So all the checklist a re on boarding checklists on the letters and everything you can download make of yours and they re upload them. And if you use the pitcher, employees first laugh in the mail address in it and hit send, and you can request him to sign it. You can see if they rat it, you can. Then you've got this really cool online HR system. So the letters they need or in the vote?

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Yeah, So I know that this is landing property. Everyone watching this incredible gift. And I knew

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you were going to

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give this gift, and it's very generous of you. And you could easily use this opportunity to charge dentists and dentists would certainly pay for from Denver media dentists everywhere. Thank you for that. We need a little bit of grace from from our vendors. We're gonna be giving a little bit of grace for employees. This innovations this yet? Big circle.

spk_0:   22:30
Yeah, this is This is a big circle, and we're just filled with that little our role in that. So

spk_1:   22:35
you tell me how it what is w w dot How do I get there? You're

spk_0:   22:39
gonna go to our website senior solutions dot com that ce de r solutions with an s and at the top of the page, you're going to see a banner that says, How do we open your business after a Corona virus? And you're gonna get this detail conversation and halfway down the page to see the free ball. And there's no tricks, guys, no credit cards? No, no, nothing. You could just go in there and download those letters and email into her employees. If you like to live in 1998 and and that if you want, it's

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about 1998 is 10 years ahead of half half of the dental industry. So thank you for that. Um, but really, though, that's a wonderful gift. So we now are feeling like, Hey, we're coming back to normal. I understand. Now I have the activity of measuring the activity of what that normal is gonna look like. I'm making some projections. Some estimates It might be wrong. It might be right. But I have a couple of different models here Modeling meeting at 80% versus a 40% return. I have the team. I thinks coming back have communicated with that team. This is my plan for you. They have told me this is my plan for you. Now, I know at my putting out job ads my counting on this team. We've got fantastic communication going. I have been covered by doing it in the right way. Legally, where else do I go from here?

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Well, that I would answer a couple of questions that are coming out. What if there's another stay at home order? So what if that happens? Well, don't worry about it. If it happens, then we're will delay or will put people back out on, uh, unemployment, if that's what we have to do. I think everybody is clear how to do that now, so that's taken care of. But using the ball, you have everybody in there. Now it becomes much easier to do all that stuff. The other thing is this. Is there any liability around opening my business? Deering Pandemic As we spoke about Tim and want to be clear, yes, there's liability and everything. However, if you are following your state guidelines and you know you guys have nine different entities telling you what to do right now, what not to do If you're following that to the best of your ability and your communicating to your employees about how important safety is and you're following these guidelines, you really are shifting up, burned over to your workman's comp and you're just you're you're complying where you get in trouble. We had a doctor down. Well, I can't say where he waas. He was in a place where they said Onley emergencies, and he pulled into this and then he went toe work on an implant, and he got himself in trouble, and and so just being mindful what you're doing, um, and staying within the state within the guidelines because I feel like the longer you do this, the wire those guidelines were gonna get until you can just be so there is some lively only. But be very careful. Just be careful. You're fine is what I

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want. Yeah, you know what? I'm gonna ask the question that I have a feeling I know the answer to, uh it's probably gonna land with that's state by state. But I suppose that I have gotten the emergency is lifted, and now I'm actually open for business. Is there anything? Is there anything I need to be having the patient sign I had emergency.

spk_0:   26:02
This is outside of my scope is HR. But I have seen insurance agents and I believe I saw the a. T a. Put out some kind of something that they were supposed that they could have people sign so they would not only get that person to attest that they're healthy. And I haven't had a fever and have come into contact with anybody, but they took a little bit of the liability off practice for bringing the patient.

spk_1:   26:27
Yeah, fantastic. I kind of had a feeling you were gonna say, Go ask the attorney. Give me trouble on camera here I e.

spk_0:   26:33
I asked the attorneys, exactly, but I think they're out there waiting for your employees. That's a note. Yeah, No, I think we talked about that before, too. You can't have your you can't release you of your responsibility. And in fact, we spoke with Workman's comp attorney about this, and she said, Oh, yeah, that released would be a gift to May If something happens, it's proof that the employer knew that something wasn't quite right. She's like, It's not. It's not a nail in his coffin, but it's a pretty heavy straw that I get to late light laying, you know, lay out there. So no releases to the employees in that.

spk_1:   27:10
So to be mindful of that, then all we need to be doing is making sure that we're documenting our communication with them and email of how we're gonna reopen and to be very. I think most people I'm talking to mean this. So this isn't just words on a he now, but we want to be providing something very safe for our employees. We don't want them coming into a place. They feel uncomfortable way. And we need to document all of that. This correct me if I'm wrong here. But should there ever be a situation we definitely want to be on the side of the fence. That waas Listen, I mean, I tried to say I've done everything I possibly could do. I want it to communicate that you were important to me in that your concerns were riel and unfortunately, endemic. Here's how we ended up. Um, so So assuming that I've done all of that now, you know, Is there any tips and tricks alone? The path to reopening that maybe you have or are seeing or anything else you'd like to share?

spk_0:   28:11
Well, when you talk about, we get this question a lot about who do I bring back? I'm You did. You did the business side of it. And then there is the human side. As you start to get that feedback and so to kind of summarize everything. I want you to use objective reasons for bringing people back. Um, and if they were documented, that would be even better, because inevitably, what we're gonna have is some people who were poor performers who aren't gonna get offered their jobs back. And if we had documentation that they were laid all the time. And if we have a good time keeping system, we have that documentation. If we have patients complaints about that employees and we just haven't had a chance to do anything about it. I mean, you get where I'm going, Tim, if we have documentation that were much better shape than if we were just kind of going like, Well, she's awful and I never do anything about it now And she's a warm body and and so So when you're having people come back, I want you to be objective and to be sort of documenting why you're picking one person over another. If you pick Ah, hygienist who's only been with you for six months over one who's been with you for 22 years and one of those hygienist is 32 the other one is 61. Well, you know, you could have a problem. You I'm not saying you do have a problem. I'm saying you could have a problem, however, let's look at it from a different point of view. 10. Let's say that you had 24 employs in your returns. 16. And in hindsight, those employees. Seven of those employees know each other. You say they work together. One of them has a brother in law who is an attorney, and they figure out that you didn't return anyone who had kids to you, it would appear your objective reasoning, buzz. People who have kids are pain in my rear end right now, and I'm not going to be returning them and then insert any protected class that there is. There's a bunch of those protected classes. The counter to that is, Well, that's a tough one. I mean, I gave you a really tough scenario there, but the counter to someone making an accusation that you you you made the decision. Anything else is toe have a reason for doing it. So the reason why we chose the the uh one who had been there less time, uh, could be because she's faster. Um, we pay or less. She works for less. She has more demands for patients, and she was available for five days a week where the other one was only available for two days a week. I mean, we're beginning to get into some objective business guided reasons for picking one employee over another one. If you're not gonna bring someone back because they should have been fired, then don't call it a layoff. Don't you got to figure out how to get smell and tell that person we're not bringing you back? It's a performance issue. And we just decided not to return you to work. I would give up.

spk_1:   31:13
This is fascinating right now because someone's watching this and they're gonna get sued. But they're gonna there, at least have gone through this process like you did it. And then you have documentation and they're gonna sleep easy. Someone else is watching this right now, and they're gonna bring their staff back in a less documented way. And they're gonna get you. I lose a lot of sleep and, you know, potentially a little bit of money, uh, should just go through. I think what you just said is brilliant, and I hope it really hit the bull's eye for everyone watching

spk_0:   31:41
this. Yeah. I mean, it's not gonna be easy. I just want you guys do is good at this, as you possibly can is you're bringing people back. And I think it all makes sense to everybody when we talk about it in Eastern.

spk_1:   31:56
Yeah, it's interesting. Socio.

spk_0:   32:01
Okay, so let's keep going. Is we have a lot to cover? Yeah. So if I asked to return to work with a request we're calling it Ficarra. FFC are a That is that 10 weeks of pay me time to take care of kids. I believe I already explained that that it can be used concurrently or intermittently. I want everybody to know that it only applies when there's an order in place. It doesn't apply because I can't find child care for my kids. If the order is in place, that says all schools, all camps, all day care and everything needs to be shut down than faker a parts. So just, you know, want to be clear about that. It's not as broad as scary as you think it is. In our case, where our employees were using Ficarra intermittently, as I described before, they just there is no way in hell for them to get child care. It just doesn't exist. So

spk_1:   32:57
when you say that acronym again or

spk_0:   32:59
F F c r a

spk_1:   33:03
O K F C R A. All right. So what I think you said there that gave me a little bit of relief is if if the order is lifted, schools or back or daycares are open, that would. That would mean you're not eligible. You can't just You can't just say I can't find anyone. That's what that being provided it is. But it's during this time when schools are closed and daycares or close, kind of like the state Home Orders, like currently in Washington State, just got extended. Its during these times that my employees with the legitimate reason have coverage

spk_0:   33:38
if they were to come back on. But I just going to say, If you've got closure orders or don't don't bring back, just leave them out on unemployment. And so Vickers is not your problem. And really think about it. The employees who comes off of unemployment back into the practice is really gonna want it with kids is gonna want to use it intermittently, if at all. And remember, they're only going to get 2/3 pay. And then this is important. If you is the employer, have to pay it. It's reimbursed back to your payroll company within two weeks. And I have my own experience through our unbearable company, and we've been getting it back instantly. It's been coming back within hours. Okay, So as we pay it, we get reimbursed for which is, you know, pretty cool.

spk_1:   34:26
Well, yeah, and it could create a tremendous castle issues if that didn't happen.

spk_0:   34:30
Yeah, Tim, you have you have you have you. And this is one of those times when Now, if you open back up and then all of a sudden 29 out of 36 poise comments that we all need to take a bunch time, often you're gonna have to pay for it. They get reimbursed, and you may make a different decision about being subject to this rule. But I think it's a mistake. Like if I had just said no, Well, that wouldn't have changed the fact they didn't have child care. And of the three employees that are taking advantage of it, if I lost those three employees, that would have cost me just basically thes They're some pretty high performers. Um, half a $1,000,000 to try and trade. I mean, it just wasn't something that we could do that we wanted to do not accommodated. And Jeff, it's been a pain in my butt a couple of times. I did,

spk_1:   35:21
Yeah, yeah, it's, uh, I hate to use the word analogy or the word chess here, because that's not that's not us versus them, but it truly is the move you're making inside your businesses, like you need to see three moves ahead. And so, for me, from a business side, all of this activity, all of this chaos is fascinating to have conversations with smart people, sections yourself in some of the others. It's fascinating because the moves you're making or like, unprecedented we don't actually gonna play it. This this complex level inside the dental business very often. What you're saying right now is really interesting to me. And another thing that is fascinating that you said in the back and in the past was no. When you should accept TPP, hers is not because that you kind of start the time on when that's going back. Now I'm in Washington State. The practices I owner in a different state. Uh, that's coming back to work on Monday, but that also, have you seen anything around That is it as it sounds like the timing starts and if you accept it for weeks

spk_0:   36:23
now, has not changed. It was a little bit of blip on the radar that it might change, but they got pretty clear. Treasury got pretty cool. Now Treasuries changing their mind once they catch heat. But I don't think they're gonna change the eight week tic tac. So here's my Here's my view on this. If you got the loan and you can't open, then let alone sit there at some point, there's a math problem here where you may just give it all back to them. Okay, at other points, it makes sense to start using it. And if whatever is not forgiven, then either converted into that, you know, 16 month loan, which might not be a great thing if you if you could get the conversions $4000 a month and give it back. Just go borrow money that doesn't require you pay it back in 18 months line of credit or something like that cause we're not talking about ridiculous amounts of money here, so use it and give the rest back.

spk_1:   37:15
So you just said something I didn't know. If it's in my bank account, the time doesn't start until I actually spend the first dollar.

spk_0:   37:22
Um, no. Uh, now, when it hits your bank account, the time starts. So your tick talking right now and so is the interest, But, I mean, who cares? We hold it in there for three weeks or four weeks. We use part of it. We pay the $12 interest on the rest of it. We say you're taking money back, mom, and you get some relief from from from that loan.

spk_1:   37:45
Yeah, that's fascinated. Um, these air to these air too Tricky, tricky moves on the chess board that I'm glad we're talking about. Take me down another if you have,

spk_0:   37:56
um, you know, I want to talk about bringing people back in real quick. Tim just kind of give everybody that that process and remind everyone that I'm gonna Tim's going to share with you these links. When you go to my website that we share earlier, you're gonna find this this guidance that I'm giving in depth. So some of the things that were kind of bouncing around about we've got a very well organized document. Eso offer letter to him goes after the HR bowl. They sign it, it comes back, You know that they're coming back in when they come back in some things, I want you guys to address health insurance. If you've been paying your health insurance, it's time to address that as they come back on. Go to your plan administrator with your health insurance company and let's let's call back if we can, the portions that you've been paying on their behalf that they were not paying on. The other thing is, if you have a retirement benefit program running, let's make sure that you address your retirement benefit program. And, of course, you need to go to plan Administrator. The last thing office paid Time off benefits things like vacations sick and PTO. Now, if you're if you were opening in Washington, which you're not, if you were opening in Washington, you have a mandatory sick time law there, so we can't do anything with that that they fix right back up, and it starts running the way it runs. But in other states, you have full control over vacation. Sick time in PTO. So you I would I would recommend that all of you, when you're people come back, say I'm not getting rid of these benefits. I'm going to pause these benefits. I'm going to a pause. A cruel Mrs Borden language, you know, deposit cruel. On the most of it. A pause, if you have any that you had that we were holding for you. I'm also going to pause use of it for that at least the next 60 days. I would just do that, guys. Just just figure it out and just tell the employs once we get back on our feet and we have enough people that you're working and we could take some time away from here that I'm gonna for these programs back.

spk_1:   40:00
Yeah, it's just stuff. I haven't even thought about it. And I'm not alone in that. I'm sure. Um, this is great information.

spk_0:   40:08
You just know what? No, man. Just look. Most employees are gonna be fine when they come back. No, no, no. That's a lie. What? What did I say? That they're gonna be a mess. When they come back, the more you're communicative with them and tell him about safety. Want to expect When it comes to their benefits and everything, the better they're going to be when it comes to dealing with. Certainly. You know, the different upsets that are gonna that are gonna come in.

spk_1:   40:33
Yeah, and so is I'm envisioning this. This would go out in the kind of Hey, this is the reopen letter. You know, 11 part of the re open letter is how this affects the employees. Another is how we're gonna change the way we interact with our patients and what they are. Now, this is this is good stuff. Now, I did not do that in my letter, so I'll be sending another letter, but

spk_0:   40:52
you could talk to him about it. And you're first in your 1st 6 feet away from each other Huddle, You know, modeling for everybody in your in your 1st 6 feet away from a health care basic. Look, there's one of the things that I wanted to talk about here, and I want, you know, rest assured I wanted, But this program is back in place and you just used the words to spend just spending it for just

spk_1:   41:12
Yeah. So now, as I think through this, talk to me about if I have health health that I'm providing. And maybe you said this and I was deep in thought you were saying five health insurance. I'm provided. I can't. I'm not suspending that. Correct. You're talking about paid time off things like,

spk_0:   41:25
No, I would not. I would not suspend people's health insurance during a pandemic that we

spk_1:   41:33
I want to make sure that I'm like, Wow, that's Ah, a little opposite.

spk_0:   41:36
Oh, but get the money back. So if you've been paying their share than working out with them, took it a little bit back each month to pay the amount that you've been paying on their about. So a lot of dentist out there have paid down six weeks worth of health insurance for an employee. Yeah, and certainly if you've got employees left out there on unemployment that are getting the $600 a month are a week, you need to inform them that they gotta pay for their health insurance that they want staying place or make some decisions. You know, you're not. Bring him back. Got to get them off your health insurance plan anyway. Just make sure, given the proper cover notices, stuff like, Yeah,

spk_1:   42:12
perfect. All right. We're tracking, and, you know, you'd be surprised. Man. It is very interesting. The decisions that are made by business leaders three times of stress. So just so everyone heard that what we're talking about it is vacation policies, and this is such So let's keep going, man. You're driving on co passenger just just learning right now.

spk_0:   42:32
Okay? So what if it employees or employees are unable to return to work or they're having concerns about returning to work? So we talked about that. Look, we didn't go down the rabbit hole. Um, I want you to find out why this employee has a concern, and I don't want it to happen over the phone. I mean, it's okay if it happens over the phone, but I love to get some details about why they're concerned. Um, I mean, I've got some stories. There's there's some crazy stuff going on. Andi, it would have been It's good to get people's words, thoughts and words on paper. It makes a lot easier to defend your decisions if you actually have what they say. Because because three months from now, let me like Oh, I didn't say that. Well, yeah, you did. You have got it. This email, uh, where you told me, what I was gonna have to do is get everybody. Uh, Campbell are bubbles, or you weren't coming into work. So what? They don't want to return because of a high risk medical condition. Or what if they don't want to return? Just do the General Cove in 19 concerns that just they said his general concerns. What if what if they're unable? You know, we talked about child care. What? They can't come to child care. What if they don't want to go off the unemployment benefits, right? I mean, they're like, I'm making money here. I'm an banking cash have done coming back in. So we have addressed all of those in the block, I just instead of going through every single one of these, that the key to this, though, is the interactive process and letting, allowing them to come to their own choice. Now there's some really not rain. Guidance went out by one of the larger associations, telling you guys that you should take into account people's health condition, your understanding of their pre existing health conditions, like pregnancy or or age. Or, you know, if you knew they had hypertension or any of that stuff. And what I'm telling you is that that's not OK. That's not illegal. You need to use objective reasons. I have nothing to do with their pre existing health conditions. But what we are finding is in droves. Women who are pregnant have gone to talk to their doctor and their doctors. As said, I don't think you should be working with the public right now, not in a dental office, Not not not in a grocery store, not in daycare, not with the public. And so we have to let employees make those decisions. You should not inadvertently or intentionally exclude someone because of their age or their pregnant or any of those things. So just be mindful of that. That's a good deed that would go punished if somebody finds out you used that criteria.

spk_1:   45:07
Yeah, no, this is really smart and goes back to what I said earlier. There's there's someone on here that's watching this that will not bringing people back with this document and process. And then there's someone who will and that's gonna relate toe a lot of future stress. I would not be shocked. We make predictions. We said this the very beginning. I would not be shocked if attorneys flood into an industry such as dental and and maybe all places into dental. And this thing gets what we think is the bandit right now and from health concern could end up being a business pandemic for dentists on crazy, crazy, crazy stories we're hearing about how we onboard our people or off order.

spk_0:   45:47
Well, I believe what were your real concern is is that I think we all are going to get a little bit of a little bit of a pass here. A. To this point, because we're all in this together about what I find is is that when it turning, you start to get laid off, too. They start looking for work just like everybody else, and I believe because we're in a pandemic and this isn't going to end, you know, tomorrow are apparently not. Not for a few months, if not a year or So So the Hamid's that you guys developed today, and the way you learn to do this is what's really gonna help you a year from now. And it's a year from now when I'm worried. It's when that's when things begin to play now. And that's what we saw in 2008 through the through the meltdown through 2008 11. As it got towards the end, it started. Get pretty kind of predatory out there. That's not where we're here, though not trying to implant that on anybody. But you know, people who've done it right well, slough it off and people, Sorry, hit the water thing and the people who have it well, like you said, they'll sweat a little bit more.

spk_1:   46:54
You know, it's great, it's good. And I love that. And I think most people tracking on this, you know, get it in writing. We know the reasons why, but one of those reasons might be because if you're like me, you'll forget the conversation in nine months. So, um, so this is good. Okay. I'm feeling really good now about how I'm bringing people back. I'm feeling really good about, you know, if I don't quite understand, it exacts specific scenario. At least now I know where I can go to read a little bit more about it, you know? Where else? What else should I be thinking about?

spk_0:   47:24
Well, then you know the that we're finding a lot of the week on tickets. The request for personalized conversation with us with our members. They want to talk about what if a person doesn't want to come off of unemployment once just because they've been reading and there's there's, you know, people just, you know, have it just People are ramping up that conversation to get you to click on things and reading stuff. And when we asked the question, Is this going on with you? We're finding that 98% of them are going. No, but what if they were like, Well, until this becomes the A 98% your calling saying boys won't come back off of unemployment? We don't think that this is an issue yet it feels like an issue, and it is going to be for a very small subset of people. But here's the thing. There's no health insurance there. There's no long term job security there. That $600 goes away on July 31st. People aren't stupid, and there's going to be we're gonna have a downturn. And working in a dental office is a really good job. So well, you want to do is give up your good job working for good people in order to collect a little bit more through July 31st and then be out in a market where you're in there with 20%. And most these people never seen 20% unemployment. Have no idea what that looks like. If that's the person that you have sitting in front of you, I'm recommend that you let them go. Let them do that. Oh, golden turn eyes that for yourself. You just look for someone who doesn't think that way to work with you.

spk_1:   49:00
Yeah, Now, this is fantastic. So this is where I go. I'm getting energy listening to talk here because what's gonna happen is you're gonna go through the process. You're going to happen modeling. You're gonna say, Here's my 11 people there coming back. Two of them are gonna give reasons. Let's say one of them is not legit reasons. You just said yes. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I can't believe I even kind of stressed about this. Go, go, go, go, go. This is fantastic. You go. And I immediately putting out a job because what will happen is I'm gonna find somebody who's like I can't wait to work. I'm so eager. I'm gonna be on indeed today looking for somewhere to work. And you might end up taking the most talented person in your town because their doctor mishandle how to do it. And you were ready. And so for me, I'm like, Please, please vote yourself off this island so that I can just kind of reopen with a team that is really excited to be here.

spk_0:   49:55
Yeah, morally, I gotta let it all go. I just can't get into that whole conversation. And there are people who are genuinely they're just frozen. They don't know what to do. They're scared. They don't have take care. They just throwing their hands up there. Just stop. And they're just telling you I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm not coming back to work. I've got unemployment right now. That's all I can think of. That's that's all I can you ask? You let that person alone they're not a bad person. They'll work this out there got stuff going on in their life. They have fear going, They have things going on you might not even know. And I'm not here to defend people who would try to game the system. I had not that guy. Um, nonetheless, I just from a business point of view time I got it. I can't go there. Just just get me upset and then I'll be upset about that and not thinking about all these other things. And I need to be thinking about take care of the people who did support.

spk_1:   50:52
That's exactly it. And I had a conversation with with someone that I consult for, and we spoke about the realization that sometimes you're very alone in your business as a CEO and a hand, and, you know, and sometimes that happens when there's big change and you're like holy I thought that I have been showing up for you for a long time in back. I'm pretty sure these things happened that I did for you. And now one turn of a dial in the opposite direction, and I'm feeling very abandoned. Eso were not. Maybe this is the time to talk about it. Maybe it's not. Maybe I want for myself a drink and go deeper on this. I'm not sure, but at a very high level. Here's what I think is important for every business owner to experience, not your dentist. You know, a $1,000,000,000 business or whatever. At some point you get a point where you realize that is on you is the owner and the risk you're taking is on you. And that is when the band it kind of gets ripped and you look at your employees a little bit differently doesn't mean that you don't want to take care of in the same, you know, energy and same grace. But you see it differently, and that's the moment you stop taking everything personal. And when you are now running a business without putting your emotions of nine, they do this. They must hate me. It's actually not about you. It's about them and what you need to recognizes their role in your business and your role in their life and man, if there's one thing that I noticed about dentists is that it may be all small businesses. He's US dentist, man. We will. We will stay awake for days, worrying about our staff and over over committee to them and maybe even being taken advantage of our empathy. This is a fantastic lesson to learn the business owner. And again, I'm trying to stay high a little bit high level on that. But I think people are learning that right now, um, about what their role is and what their employees role is and when they should stop worrying about things. And when they put the onus back on the employee toe, show up in, you know, in a way as well, and then move on from that relationship. If that relationship is not a two way, you know, energy connection, where you're just giving and they're just get it, everything's

spk_0:   52:56
yeah, it's still tears you up. It's just how you let it. It's how you it's how you process it and how long you hold onto it because you only have so much space in this head. I'm telling you every day you have so much space and you've got family and you've got all these obligate. You got family. There is part of the space and you've got all these financial things. They know we're tough right now, more than top young tough right now, And that's filling up its own spit. I mean, you know, there's only so much space, so I just I usedto the band. The Haven brothers used to play in one of my life music venues whole. Another lifetime. Line them with this one of their songs. Really? I heard. I heard it just reminded that actually write it down. It was I have no enemies. It was just It was just I have no enemies and I was just like I It's absolutely true. No one is out to get me. I have no enemy. So just don't turn. Don't turn these disappointments into your enemies or into into that kind of thinking,

spk_1:   53:57
right? Yeah. I mean, it's all business decisions in my mind. Um, is it is not being cold. It's being that you're mature enough to recognize you mean business maturity wise to recognize that is not really about you. It's about them. And their decisions are not a reflection on you now. do you need to show up and maybe better And make sure that you have you, you know, dotted the I's and prostitution and created a great environment. Yes, but there's a moment in the business world where you go. My goodness, this isn't about me. I just I can only do what I can do. And then they need to make a choice. You to begin around. And that's a fantastic freaking move. You never look at your business The same.

spk_0:   54:36
Yeah, especially if you can. You know, if you can handle it, and I and I handle it. I mean, you're good at hiring. You've spent a little bit of time on it's you. That's not your dread, which is if they quit or don't come back, I'm gonna have to hire and I hate to hire. If that's your conversation and find someone else, you can do it for you with you. That's why I'm here. I hate a jar and I'm like, I love HR. So if you're a doctor or a manager, you pay thr I love it. Let me help you out. There are people out there to help you help you through it. then the other thing that people are asking is what can I change the hours and pay rate, job duties and stuff like that? And yes, if you got the triple P, remember, you got to keep in the 75% of their original salary. Um, if you have a manager who you're bringing back and here, she's only gonna be working part time members and they were salary, you know, maybe making 50 60 $80,000 year need to convert them toe hourly on bond. You could do that once, you know a year, but you can't go back and forth that you would do that now, um, convert, um, and then put him back once they back up the working 40 50 hours a week, pay high paint people over time, if you can avoid it. If they fit the exemption on, obviously, you're going to be changing people's job duties. Clearly, you're gonna be changing. People's a lot of job duties, so that's something else. Job descriptions could be amazing. And in all of this conversation, people who are asking for medical leave of absence or who are asking for accommodations above and beyond, we use job descriptions in order to get doctors to make decisions for that employees and not us. And it can really lead to a doctor looking at the job description and looking at the employee and saying You can't do this job. You can't do this. I'm not going to start. If I automatically based on your asthma based on your bad need based on your carpal tunnel, that won't get, I mean, I'm going all the way back into non bizarre yet so job descriptions, air incredibly effective and helping HR professionals like us. Um, well, that part time, you could bring people back part time. The next question is, how does a defector unemployment benefits? I don't want to knock him out of the $600 but I didn't need him for nine hours of we'll meet. You might need a full time, but I don't want to take somebody out of unemployment and not need. Oh, that would feel terrible. And you're right, and that's all part of that that process. And that's where you don't become, um, on on a Tron, Autumn Atran or whatever they call it. That's when you you do need to do balanced deuce and research to find out how much they can work before it would knock them off their benefits and then make some decisions around that you don't take care of your people best again. Yeah. If you've got an associate, Dr, can you reduce their hours? They're in a different kind of an exemption. And if you have a decent agreement with your doctor and many of you don't got the wrong type of agreements in place, you are unable to reduce their pay if they have a big fat base rate of pay. If you have an agreement like one that we do and there are others that do them where they're worried properly, you actually can reduce that kind of exempted poised salary. That's something that you need to talk to your attorney or you talk to us. Yeah,

spk_1:   58:00
I wanted Toe immediately asked what would be the wording at a high level where you feel like this employer is is committed to paying a certain amount versus No, I think I know the answer is very common in the answer. But will you give me a high level on what that would look like you

spk_0:   58:18
are guaranteed. The following is not the language. Anything that implies that anything that doesn't allow you to read examine the working relationship doesn't allow you to sign no patients. And there are a lot of a lot of I mean, we've been doing this since the early days and in, like, our handbook and everything that we do here. It's informed by thousands of Dennis who you work with us. Tim. It's like working with you. And, you know, once we work with other people, I mean, we start collecting all these these great ideas. Well, over over a decade, more than a decade we've seen our agreement reviewed by dozens, if not hundreds of other attorneys on the other side of the table. They made good suggestions. We've seen it challenged a few times a court and learned from those, and it's like, Oh, it was great. And then it was like it was a great this one area we need to fix that, um, so back to the associate agreements. Just if you've got the right worrying and it just know that you could do some reductions in pay. We have a lot of doctors to come to us to. We thought they couldn't. You were able to look at the agreement. Say, Actually, you can't You can't be, can reduce this, you know, it's It's a It's a big deal. I mean, you got to figure it out, so it works for both of you. This is like non one way street, especially comes to yourself associate stuff. You know what? You know

spk_1:   59:43
what I'm seeing here that's really interesting to me is that most dentists that I worked with him, that you I'm sure they're not involved in the details of the business is just not what they do. They can get the details of ground prep for the details of the regulation visit, but they're not involved in the details of their business. And HR and legal in the county are the details of your business. I guess that's just let those three departments are

spk_0:   1:0:08
Don't forget market. Yeah,

spk_1:   1:0:10
but Mark Yes, Marketing is is near during my heart. But so in this sense that these three areas will just speak on H R. Over all that matters here is that you get in the details like you can't escape it. You can't escape. You're gonna be putting time. You're gonna put timing on the front end to get into the details are going to spend time in on back in when you're asking suit, you, like, can't sleep because now you're thinking about the details you could have gone through. So what? I hope that the take away is when we're talking about this on boarding or or future firing or handbooks are the important or not. It's the detail that that's what I did. And the detail will guide all of your decisions, such as job descriptions, you know, such as the legal language you have in your associate contract. All of that stuff can be and should be outsourced. But that can't be outsourced. Is your understanding of what the detail that's coming back to and I have been guilty or that many of times.

spk_0:   1:1:01
Okay, so I want to share this with Tim. So here's the deal that cedar and it's always been this way, and it happens about twice a year now. It happens about 20 times a year, but with a bad thing. That happens, in my view, happens about twice a year when you come to us. We customize custom crafted book Freas a bunch of stuff in it that we can't you and I. You is the doctor in the night. We can't change those things, their state federals. We take care of all that stuff, which is super important. That's why you can't take the 80 Eights handbook and really use it. Because if you're in Washington State, that book has nothing to do with Washington State's rules, and they're clear about that. We're clear that it's a guy. So what happens? What we require is is that someone and we generally wanted to be. The doctor comes and spends about 2.5 hours right at the end, and what they're doing is finishing the customization, asking very good questions, working with very high level HR experts. And we're training your but what we're doing it has you've got misunderstandings. You're like my brother in law's an attorney, and he said that will inform and we're like, Okay, let's let me explain to you why at will appointment is not a shield. It's a thing. It's important, but here's you know. So we go through that we go through that process, which speaks to what you were just saying is we drag you down into the minutia. And although I'm telling them every doctor at the end of because, you know, I really don't like to give it, I can't have two hours for anything anymore in my life. And I really I was very upset with you for making me do this, and I am so glad that I did it, and that's why we keep doing it. That's why we keep forcing it. And twice a year a doctor says, I'm not doing it. What you gonna do about it? And we say, Use your money. We know we can't We can't do this way. We can't do this without you And you need to get to this education with us just this one time. So speaking to doing the work of the front and, you know, never mind getting sued, it's the mess. If you don't put the work in the front, even if it doesn't result in lawsuits, it's just the mess that you could have avoided the time stuff that you

spk_1:   1:3:13
get. Yeah, there's just moments moments in the business journey, my own journey. I think you know this all. But if you're watching your there's time, I am not afraid to look foolish in front of other dentists. Like part of the reason why I am proud of the success I've had it because of all of the failures That and so I talk about I've been embezzled from, You know, I've had ways to amazingly, incredibly stupid things. I hired more morons. Then everyone on this entire webinar combined like I have set the record for morons. Heart problem is what you're speaking to right now. This had to be a big, big moment. My business journey was damn it. I keep trying to escape the details. You trying to escape my involvement in this particular area. And what ends up happening is I'm spending 100 times that amount of time on the back end fixing a mess, you know, in just trying to understand and interpret or leave my team without just a little bit of diligence on the front on. And, you know, this webinar certainly isn't about me. But what I'm using his examples of me because I think there's a lot of means out there. Um and that's why you are so important. No, in my business life now, all but I hope in a lot of other people that are out there because damn it, if you don't, if you just don't take a temp time, it's a pain in the rear.

spk_0:   1:4:36
I I've been allowed to make mistakes. So at 58 years old, a reason why you like working with me is that I have made every mistake I made Thames mistake. And in the mistake that Tim mistakenly didn't make, I mean, I've been making I've been allowed to do that. Unfortunately, along the way, I've learned not to repeat my mistakes. Ah, I mean, not just that. That that is, I and I know most people west thing that but yeah, yeah, that's why I'm smart. I think that's why appear to be smart. I'm sorry. I appear to be smart. It's I can remember not to make the same mistake twice.

spk_1:   1:5:14
I think I think it's beautiful every time we get together. I love it. I learned a little bit. I hope those there watching and learned a little bit and really what I think is great way you and I delivering so well is maybe what we just touched on for the last 2 to 3 minutes here, which is You guys were all in this together, you know, and there is no perfect answer here. There's just the best and a hope. And let's show up for our employees and our patients. And let's do it with the detail that matters so that on the back, and we're not spending 100 times the amount of time right now. So you have any any final thoughts here,

spk_0:   1:5:47
Tim, when they go, when you guys go to the website, I have, like, uh, seven more, you know, substantive conversations toe, have you? There's no way we're going to get into all of that today, given that we were you know what? We got into town everything from screening processes for your employees and how to do that stuff legally, whether or not you need a policy in place. And, yeah, there is a new part. You don't need a new handbook or any of that. You have to change your handbook, things that you can add. So there's still more to this conversation, but they're all on that bog on our website. Steiger solutions dot com, and I want to make my offered clear from the beginning. So if you would like there is a free, really cool HR ball online waiting for you making this this this, you know, available to you guys. You can use it for a lifetime. No credit card. There's just no tricks to that. Sure, it can do other things, and I'd love for you to buy into those other things sometime in the future. But there's no requirement that you do any of that stuff, and we preloaded the letters the federal notices, the checklist for on boarding your employees. We put all of that stuff in there, made it fully customizable, so you guys can use it for your whatever purpose that you need to use it for.

spk_1:   1:7:00
I think it's beautiful. And I said it earlier, but restated. Now you know, Paul, you showing up in a big way for immediate dentists everywhere, So we appreciate it. You continue to do it here with this with this gift, and, um, I couldn't be more thankful. Not only for you you joining this call and helping get the word out there, but just everything you've been doing so.

spk_0:   1:7:20
Thanks, Tam. It was great to be home with you today. You're awesome.

spk_1:   1:7:23
All right, my man, I'll see you soon. And for all of you, they're watching it. There will be a link there that you can click to get you easily to the vault. Thank you.