CE Zoom: Track Credits Against State Requirements

April 17, 2020 Dental Whale Season 1 Episode 8
CE Zoom: Track Credits Against State Requirements
CE Zoom: Track Credits Against State Requirements
Apr 17, 2020 Season 1 Episode 8
Dental Whale

Education has never been more accessible for clinicians than online right now. However, CE accreditation has varying rules online opposed to a live webinar versus an in-person learning environment, not to mention the course needs to be state and ADG-recognized to qualify for credit. CE Zoom founder Sarah Thiel talks to Insider about simplifying the learning experience, boosting professional growth and ensuring you're up to date on the qualification you need for your career, from the comfort of your home.

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Education has never been more accessible for clinicians than online right now. However, CE accreditation has varying rules online opposed to a live webinar versus an in-person learning environment, not to mention the course needs to be state and ADG-recognized to qualify for credit. CE Zoom founder Sarah Thiel talks to Insider about simplifying the learning experience, boosting professional growth and ensuring you're up to date on the qualification you need for your career, from the comfort of your home.

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Good afternoon, everybody. And welcome to this edition of Insider by Dental Whale. My name is Vance Taylor, and I'm joined today by Sarah. Feel the CEO for C E zoom. Sarah, thanks so much for taking time out of your hectic schedule for us. Appreciate that.

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You Batman's. Thank you for having me.

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Yeah. So why don't you start a little bit for those of our audience who don't know, Just give us a little bit of the C E. Zoom. Sarah feel origin story, You know, How did you How did you get here? And a little bit about what you're doing.

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Okay, so, um, I'm a dental hygienist by trade. I've been a dental hygienist for about 13 years now. I was a dental assistant before that. For six. I was a CD A. So I had to get c e for that as well. Um, so I've been in the dental industry, What, 19 years or so and I always struggled with getting my C. I struggled finding conferences and courses and really knowing, like what? I had to actually have to stay complaint. And so, um, a terrible turn of events made me realize that there needed to be a better solution. And I'm not gonna go into detail about that. Um, you can read about it. I've got it written somewhere. Ah, if you care to know. But, um, long story short since that happened, that brought me to a place where I realized something needed to be fixed in the C E system. In regards to state regulations versus people offer offering the courses and understanding what we actually need tohave and the qualifications there's there was just no black and white. It was all gray. And so I decided to build it. That's what we have here.

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That's great. So you mean they always say a necessity is the father of invention or mother of invention in this case. So So So you identified a gap, your personal and professional life, and then you set out to to correct it. Yeah. Okay. And so So what is season?

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So see you soon with a full online seeing management platform, you can take courses. From there, you could track your c e and according to your rules and regs, most trackers out there are nice fancy online filing cabinet where C E zoom we actually track your sea based off of your individual state rules approved providers. And then we also tell you if there's courses you're missing because in a lot of states you have to have child abuse or infection control Human trafficking. I mean, every state has different rules. We make sure that you stay in, stay in line and get your CT done so you can bring your license.

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Okay, So rather than just the vault for storing the CD that you done, years is more proactive here to see you need to do. And then as well as your storage and main maintenance management of that,

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then also, that's just the professional. Under the for companies, we help you manage the C E part for running an event as well to keep everything in line, keep your attendees together, collect registrations. So basically it is a full system from start to finish. And then we also submit to your state dental board at the end. Yeah.

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Oh, and this mission. Okay, perfect. So So obviously we're in a unprecedented time, both in our industry and just in the world at large. So So help me understand how this evolution into the state from home. The work from home, the furloughed employees. The reduction of service is allowed to be a be offered by Dennis. Right now. How is all this impacting? Um, your business and health care in general, on the oral health care generalist.

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Um, uh, that is a loaded question. Um, for all my friends out there who are practicing ministry hygiene, dentist assistance, this is a terrible time, you know, especially like the fear of going back to work and knowing, like, I feel like we're made more aware now of all of the stuff that is flying in our faces. And, um, just how are we gonna help prevent that? So that that's a scary time. And it's, you know, everyone. A lot of people have been laid off and they're going to be hired back. It's just This is crazy. Never in my life did I ever think I would live through something like this or even imagine this happening. But first, the zoom it's been really good. It's it's brought us recognition. It's brought, um it's allowing a lot of doctors and hygienists to stay home and learn. You know how we have such busy days. We go 8 to 5 without even a bathroom break, sometimes just working our behinds off. And now we're all just, like, stopped. Like, what do we D'oh! So now what's awesome about this? I feel like if you're gonna look at it in a positive light, is you can join Webinars. I mean, I've seen Webinars all over, not just our cesium, that a ton of companies are doing them, which is great. And you can sit and you can learn. So by the time we do get to go back, it's almost like you're a new clinician. You've got all this knowledge and stuff. You're gonna bring back to your practice, sell their patients.

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Yeah, so that's interesting. And what I think is really interesting is that now you're like your program's been there. But now you're seeing this increase this uptick in utilization an adoption, obviously, to your point, people have the time. But do you think there's also been a shift in the mindset like speak to us about the traditional my instead of clinicians regarding virtual or online C e coursework?

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Sure. Yeah, I think I mean, we've been here for a long time. I mean, I talked to you about this several times as well. Um, just through other things. But it's like before people didn't realize you could actually get see through a virtual means they felt like. And I'm not speaking for everyone. I'm speaking for most of the country. Every year you signed up for your state, meaning you go. You get the seas there. But you're not always getting every CEO you need. You know, you're getting the stuff that they're offering, but there's not, You know, there might not be something on child abuse or whatever your court your state's requiring. But the biggest thing I've heard from people is especially in feedback for months. To us is this is awesome, Like this is a game changer, because think about it when you're sitting in a live event. Um, but they live lightly. I mean, in person event, the speaker's here audiences here, what are the chances people are going to get up and be like, I don't understand what you just said. Can you explain it? More people? You just sit back and listen at the end. Do you say question? Sometimes people raise their hand but interred it interrupts the speaker, and then they get lost. And that's scary as a speaker. With this, there's a chat box and the speaker will be presenting. And for us, I'm sure that other companies are doing this as well. I just sit there and I take notes of all the questions that people are answering that chat box. And, ah, lot of the time, um, another person from the audience will answer the question and be like, Hey, in my experience, this is what happened. And then it starts a dialogue. What? The speaker speaking, not interrupting them. But everybody can it. It's crazy how they're learning, and it's, I believe it's so much better because you're getting personal experiences from the audience at the same time.

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Yes, so I think that that's really interesting. It's one of those, um, it's one of those evolutions of ah, maybe in our we've not our cake. That an antiquated model for learning that that may be needed a little bit of a push for people to even try it. To realize that the experience might not might not only be sufficient might actually be better, so I think that's really interesting. Something that maybe people haven't considered. It seems like there's been hesitation. I mean, would you do you agree that clinicians being maybe traditional, um, learning models there maybe was a hesitation, Or maybe even just a lack of understanding that online education could even qualify for. See? You see that,

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right? Yes. Oh, that's a great point that you just made a MME. Ah, lot of the problems people have is they don't feel like this is gonna count for their state. And so what we've been doing is we've gone through and we read every single states practice act. We know every single estates, rules and regs ups. That's what cesium is, really? And so even launching our own stuff, we've had some people reach out and see. My state board said This doesn't count, and we'll look at it and we'll read through the state board rules will read what they told them. And then it's kind of funny cause, like in their email that they sent. They say this doesn't count, though, did it. And then I reach out and that's a please references in your rules. And they can't because what is crazy is this didn't exist when these rules were written. So self study online is completely different than virtual. Okay, so we are. This is a very complicated thing, too. Thio explain. So I'm gonna try and do it in the best way I can. We're accredited by the eggy Taste Academy of General de Mystery. It is recognized by all 50 states dental boards as an approved provider. So any course coming from C E. Zoom is considered recognized by the state. Now, the course category might be different. Like if you're speaking on a business topic that might not count your state, it's accredited by the A g D. But it may not count. Still, because of the topic. Okay. And then you've got, um if it's a clinical course, most likely it's gonna count. Okay, so that really has nothing to do with your state boards. Right? So whenever that's the accreditation, it's recognized by every single state we follow that a critic. Aviation guidelines. Which city eights in their rules, if the presenter in the audience have some form of interaction, like virtual conference, we're doing the presenter of the they're getting the questions. There answering them to the audience. It is considered life Okay, So when we print our certificates or when we send our certificates over it says Life because that were going off of our agency guidelines. Well, we have these steaks that are sitting here saying online doesn't count unless you have a test that doesn't explain anything. There's a lot of online. Yeah, okay, if I go and I take a course on demand, I I'm taking it at whenever. Two. In the morning. Nobody is there. I'm just getting on taking it by myself. Absolutely. That is online, and it made the test, and it counts it online. Self studies. Where live there the date. There's a time there's a presenter, the presenters answering your questions, that is life that is just like being sitting in a room until those state boards go in and rewrite all their rules. It counts

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interesting. So I've got to follow up questions because that is, that is complicated. I think this is really important for our our our clinicians to know and understand. Are you saying that, uh, would you would you boil it down? It's simply to say whether the content is consumed through a video stream versus in a classroom setting. The real difference between whether it's considered live or not is whether the video stream was recorded pre recorded. Is that the difference? So what we recorded then it's not live, and then it needs to have a test. But if it's it's live streamed, it's it's It's considered live and no test is required is it is my understanding

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that okay, there's a date, a time and a way to interact with The presenter got his life according to a D D, which is our approved provider, that we are approved through that. Tell how it works.

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Okay, Um so my second question is because you mentioned states like certain states are are maybe pushing back more than others. Are there any states that just flat out are not allowing or not approving? Um, CEO Tae Through virtual engagements,

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we've had an issue with two states, and I'm gonna mention one of them because we've gone back and forth. It's Louisiana. They're stating that it doesn't count. Um, but they're having a meeting. They supposedly had a meeting yesterday to see if they would allow it during these times. But, um, so here's what's crazy about that is even in their rules, even if you still take it and you're from Louisiana and it your certificate says it's live honestly, like you could fight, that the rules are written so gray like I've read through all their rules and referenced everything. It's so great, like if they try and deny one your virtual online courses where you're following the guidelines, it would be very hard for them to enforce that.

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What would somebody do like if I'm a dentist and I attend a course and I submit my C E. And I got a letter back from the states saying This, of course, is not approved? For whatever reason, what's your advice for me now? Like, do I come back to you and ask for help you and go to my lawyer like, How do I How do

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I, especially if the course was offered through See Zoom? Because we know we're following all the guidelines we have. We know we're making sure that all these people are on the weapon are for the length of time. We're doing a two verification process like there's no reason this one count. So I would like if we offered the course I can guarantee we will on not gonna guarantee I am going to see Oh, I know. I mean, I'm pretty confident we're gonna get this approved. Don't Don't go after it by yourself. Come back to us. We have all the knowledge we have all week. We have the whole We have it all documented. We know how to do this. So

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So? So let's say it's not. Ah, see, Zoom course. Are you based on what I'm hearing? Let me just say it back to make sure that I'm I'm hearing. You're saying quickly. The first step for clinician is having trouble getting any sort of online virtual type C E approved by the state. They should go back to the content provider who represented that their course was C approved and let them take first crack it like because they represented This was,

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well, more of more based off of, like the live and online portion of it, where they're gonna get like credit versus self study credits, because it's two different things in every state called out certain amount that you can have in each category. So, um, I would go back to the prisoner and asked them to help. I I don't know. Um I know they will. I don't I don't have that answer. But if it's done through us, well, absolutely. Find it for you.

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Okay. Not good enough. I mean, I obviously can't start organizations, but just tryingto put putting my doctor had on and wanting to make sure that they leave this feeling that they sort of know how to live in this new world because it is. And this is kind of where I think we'll we'll wrap up. I'm wondering if you could speak to our audience a little bit about you know what you see, like, put on your part. Your crystal ball, I guess. And what do you see as the new normal is this Is this now on evolution into what's going to become a mainstream and some symbols of permanence around this modality for education and learning Or, you know, maybe talk just a little bit about what you think tomorrow looks like,

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Okay, I'm gonna backtrack a tiny bit, little just about like, why continue? Education is so important to begin with, I mean, I graduated 13 years ago, and I don't even think everything I learned in school is even being practiced anymore, you know? So if you're not going and getting your continuing education for your own personal growth, you're not moving with the Times. You're not gonna be the best clinician you could be in. They're not gonna be the best for your patients because they're looking to you for making sure up to date on everything. That being said, it's been really hard in the past to go do that because you're working five days a week, four days a week. These conferences are You gotta pay to go. You gotta pay for your travel. You've got it, sit in a room, leave your family, leave already at home and sit through all these courses and then go home. Where now you could jump on a lunch break real quick on a topic that you're like, Man, I just really want to learn how to keep my patients from having so much anxiety. And there's a course on that. You know, something like that, like you can jump on, get that education, go back to the chair and keep working. It's it's a game changer. I mean, now you can do this from anywhere. You could be sitting at your lake house somewhere, watching the sea or even listening to it through podcast cause a podcaster even getting certified now because it's so educational. I'm feeling this epidemic has completely boosted the confidence in this type of learning. I should say more were before people just thought, I have to go to my state meeting. That's where I get my c e. This is what I have to d'oh! You don't have to. You can do it from your couch from your bed from wherever you are you from and it's still the same content. It's still the same quality, if not better, So I think it's game changing. I think I think conference. If they're going to struggle, um, I'm gonna get a lot of heat for this already know, because how did the TA make any money other than feed the news, their conferences, how much to exhibit or spend it? Those things, I mean, it's it is a huge, huge moneymaker, which is why we have had so many problems trying to get this launched because they would push us down, they would put, Give us, push back and tell our customers This doesn't count their state when it actually does because they want people to go to their events. So I mean, it makes sense. Let's find a new way to make money. It doesn't have to be through that. There's there's other things. Let's let's allow people to have education from wherever they can get it and what it counts.

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Well, look, I love the candor. I mean, uh, somebody has, ah, long history of rabble rousing and dentistry. I appreciate you speaking candidly to our audience here, so and it's a really good point. I mean, things are evolving. Look, it's not just it's not just how clinicians are going to consume educational content in the future, it's how they're going to practice. It's either going to sterilize. It's unsure. Patient safety. Um, so crazy times, exciting times. And, um, you know, congratulations to you and see you zoom. And thanks for everything that you're doing to help make sure that clinicians are able to make the most of their down time and, uh, just really appreciate you taking the time with us today.

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Yeah. Thanks, Sam. Thanks for having me.

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Have a great week.

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You too. Bye.